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                     Dennis Winkelman was born in Nisku Alberta - August 8th /1947 - January 6th /2019

Dennis always had a passion for exploring the natural world. In his early youth you would find him discovering driftwood, unique stones, fallen antlers or any variety of oddities he found along the path... he would bring a collection home and start constructing unique art forms. His inspired creations gave him such pleasure that it propelled him to learn about the "old ways" of the early pioneers, the great explorers and the native cultures of western civilization; that would utilise assets from animals harvested for their meat and furs and medicinal properties.

The land was his way of connecting to the stories he'd read about and he would spend a great deal of his early life through to mid life, hunting and trapping animals to provide food and an income source to support his growing family.

His varied talents expanded over the years as he continued reading and learning about further advanced techniques; utilising historical methods of Blacksmithing, Saddle Making, Wood Carving, Leather Tanning and so much more.

His works are considered "Above Reproach" and have been sold to an audience whose appreciation for "The Wild West - Rustic Elegance - Folk Art Culture ", and the methods used with traditional tools for creating such exquisite pieces.

You are invited to explore his incredible works here at Legacy Den and take home a piece of history for you to enjoy...hand down to future generations and relish a true "Canadian Folk Art Genius"

Fun fact ; People would often refer to Dennis Winkelman as

"Big Den"

His son, Dean Winkelman was so inspired to showcase his late father's works, that he considered opened a Gallery to pay tribute to his father's talents, and through an inspired series of events, the name "Legacy Den" was born. The original Gallery location, solely hosting Dennis's western art, formed a pop up shop on the 200 block of Main St. Penticton for 3 months. The following year the Gallery moved to its current location at 441 Main Street Penticton.

Expanding on the "Legacy Theme" Dean introduced further examples of incredible art forms, from various local and international artists; incorporating the values and traditions of their unique contributions to the art world. Curated with pride; all while honoring their investment, time and education.

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